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Things I’ll miss about AWE

Meaghan McGurgan

I’m sadly going to be working this weekend during AWE, so I’ll be missing out this time. I’m super bummed about it. Not just because I love traveling to new places but because AWE has become my annual feel good weekend. Here’s 5 things I’ll miss for sure:

Making New Friends

The friendships I’ve made are worth the price of tickets, planes, hotels and food times ten! At AWE, I know I can count all you girls as real honest friends and that is priceless.


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Trying New Things

Moment of honesty, I’m a bit cynical when it comes to certain things like energy, feng shui, life coaches, and such. I had a raised eyebrow when I heard about Siva’s talk last year, but you wanna know what? It was my favorite one. He taught me a lot and it wasn’t the crystal, yoga, quinoa stuff I was expecting. He gave me a totally new experience and I’m very grateful for it. I only attended his talk because of AWE and I’ve used quotes from it, all year long in lectures I’ve done. “You are responsible for your own energy…”

Many of us attend AWE because we’re trying to get out of our comfort zones, follow our bliss and such. Even though I don’t work the traditional 9-5 job, I still have learned a lot. (Can someone please send me notes from the money management seminar this year?? I’m in desperate need over here!)


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Honesty is the best policy at AWE. We shared and cared about each other’s honest experiences. I find in this modern era of “texting and twitter”, friendships aren’t as invested as they used to be. I’ve had to learn the valuable lesson of friends vs. Facebook friends. We’ve shared some really deep, intimate moments with each other and I’m blessed to have all of you in my life. I know you really do care about each other, even though we live thousands of miles apart.


We ladies love to eat and I got to experience some fantastic foodie love with both my AWE experiences. There was no women, laughing and eating salad. Our Halloween costumes were even themed as food! My fellow HK girl and I went as Sushi to the Halloween party last year.

Miss Juno Kim (Of course!)

You all know I’m terribly biased and love this girl like crazy. She’s my “Seoul Sister” after all. I always loved coming to AWE and hanging out with Juno because being around her, made me feel better about myself. Don’t we all need that person in our lives?


Every year I left AWE, I felt stronger, smarter and braver. It wasn’t because suddenly I had worked out. And trust me… I ate way too much fried bread in KK to be considered healthier. But there was a way we always felt leaving the conference that made us feel lighter, brighter and happier. I think it was because we had a little weight off our shoulders.


What’s your favorite thing about AWE? Share your experiences with me!