Thanks to our sponsors, Honorary Members, and Conference Benefactors, we successfully hosted AWE ’13. Thank you everyone, once again! We couldn’t have done it without you.


As we announced it this week, AWE ’14 will be in beautiful Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. If you haven’t been, you wouldn’t want to miss it. Today, announced the fundraising for AWE ’14. Last year, I wanted to present this idea to all of you through Kickstarter, but because I am a Korean citizen, I wasn’t able to register. I present AWE ’13 fundraising project on instead, and many of my friends supported this wonderful project. So this year, I’m continuing the tradition and asking for your help here again.


AWE '13 Keynote speaker Lek, of Save Elephant Foundation

AWE ’13 Keynote speaker Lek, of Save Elephant Foundation


How You Can Help

I’m asking you to be a part of this conference as an honorary guest.
I have reduced the attendee price hoping to encourage more women from as many countries as possible. Despite the registration fee ($40-60) being a relatively high cost for participants in this region of the world, the money still doesn’t cover our operating costs.


Where Does Your Money Go?

Your money goes directly to cover the expenses of the conference. Last year, the entire donation covered the honorariums for our speakers. Without your help, AWE ’13 wouldn’t have happened.

We need an auditorium, meeting room, digital equipment, and operating fee for the conference. We also intend to cover the expenses of the speakers and staffs who have set their heart in making this project come to life.


Why Donate?

We seek funding to cover the gap between our ticket and actual costs for the event. The financial risk of not raising enough funds is our biggest obstacle in this project. Using a substantial conference hall is essential to host a global event like AWE. We have reached out to a few other resources for their support, but we have yet to raise the money needed to make this conference run successfully.




Wish to support more than $100 USD? We’d appreciate it! Please click this button below.


Please spread the words to help us host successful AWE ’14! 


The Payment

We have four kinds of payment options:

1) (

2) American Bank transfer

Wells Fargo routing #: 051400549/ Account #:5536378895/ Account name: Jiyeon Kim

3)   Korean Bank transfer

국민은행 (KB Star) 052-24-0407-417 예금주 윤인영 (account name: Yoon Inyoung)

4)   Indonesian Bank transfer

Bank Danamon (cabang Yogyakarta, Jalan Diponegoro)

Account Name: Agata Filiana/ Account No: 92311604


#If you wish to support us with other method, please contact me (