Juno Kim

Founder of Runaway Media, Juno Kim is a professional travel writer and photographer, who is specializing in new media.

She left a successful career as a mechanical engineer in her home Seoul, Korea to pursuit her dream and passion in world travel. For last two years, she has been working location independently from more than thirty countries in Europe, North America, Central America, and Asia. You can see her story on Runaway Juno and Mastering the Art of Travel Photography.

By sharing personal stories of career changing and world travel as a single Asian woman, she wants to be the one who people turn to when they need good advice and inspiration in life.


Why I Created AWE Conference

In 2010 I left my career as a mechanical engineer. The experience breaking out from conventional society proved excruciating both at home and at work. I traveled around the world developing my passion into my career to a travel writer and photographer. I’ve been discovered the growing need of inspire women who are facing the challenge of male dominant and conventional society.

I created AWE conference to empower women by brining them together, and education them with the tools of success and designing models for the success.